Wednesday Family Nights

Wednesday Adult Classes

Spiritual Basics – 6:30pm – Room 206
Taught by Eddie Spencer and NHP Staff
This class is designed to equip you to grow more deeply in your relationship with Christ and connect more vitally in the life and ministry of New Hope. Framed around key questions of the spiritual life, you’ll learn how God uses the Bible and prayer in your spiritual journey and how God can use His spiritual gifts and your unique personality in His Kingdom work.

Paul and the Philippians – 6:30pm – Room 207
Taught by Stu Austin
Things don’t always go the way we intend. It’s easy to feel discouraged because what we hope for is badly thwarted, or because people make life difficult. Paul, writing to the Philippians from prison, certainly knew what it was like to have plans interrupted. But he maintains robust confidence in God’s overruling power, even when everything seems to be going wrong. These eight studies will help us learn from Paul the art of seeing God’s purposes working out through problems and difficulties and will deepen our own confidence in God’s power.

Grief Share – 6:30pm – Room 208
A fresh series to provide help and community for those who have had a recent loss of a loved one or who feel the need for help dealing with a loss from the past.

The Meaning of Marriage – 6:30pm – Room 209
The primary goal of this study is to help us all regardless of our marital status, to see the marriage covenant as a flection of Jesus’ love, grace, and power in our lives. Watch this video to learn more about what this class will be studying.

Divorce Care – 6:30pm – Room 210
Divorce Care helps people deeply hurt by divorce to heal and to develop a hope for the future. We encourage you to become committed to your care group and to look expectantly at what God can do in your life.

Financial Peace – 6:15pm – Room 211
“Learn how to do money God’s way”. This class will give you freedom from credit cards, living paycheck to paycheck, and wanting to give to God’s work but not having the ability to give. Financial Peace will lead you on a journey to financial freedom in just nine weeks of class. You must pre-register for this class! Click here for more info and the registration link!


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Common Ground

Common Ground meets Wednesdays from 6-8pm! Keep in the loop on our Facebook page –

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Kindergarten – 5th grade

Bible Xplorers of the New Testament
Join us for Xtreme team, a mid-week experience where kids come to be grow in faith and friendship!

Wednesdays, September 5 – March 27 (*In April, spring musical rehearsals and Xtra are on the schedule)
6-6:20pm Kids’ Choir Rehearsal (K-5th grade) – Room 214
6-6:30pm Optional pizza available for $1/slice  – Room 213
6:30-7:30pm Xtreme Team (K-5 th grade) – Rooms 214, 215, 216

Games Time has a new fun theme each week.
Bible Time is time to get equipped with God’s Word. This year, kids are Xploring the books of the New Testament.

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Care for infants through preschoolers is available while the adult classes meet. Preschoolers will have fun as we connect the truths they learned on Sunday morning with activities and games on Wednesday nights!

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