Living Hope

The struggles of our life sometimes cause us to ask, “Why me, Lord?” Sometimes, we just need someone to talk with who can give us biblical direction and counsel or someone with a Christ-like spirit to come along side of us in crisis, stress, or depression.

At New Hope, loving those who could use a supporting hand has always been a core value, and we are pleased to recommend Beth Hoving as a pastoral counselor.

Beth is a Christian counselor, as well as an ordained minister of pastoral counseling. She earned a BA in Christian Counseling from Calvary Theological Seminary and is certified by the National Christian Counselors Association. Though not a staff member of New Hope, Beth is available to meet with New Hope members, friends, and attendees. For your convenience, the Living Hope Counseling Center is located at the New Hope church campus.

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If you are interested in meeting with Beth, please feel free to email her at or phone 239.671.1634.


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