New Hope’s Christian Men’s Ministry happens in small group opportunities around Fort Myers. Men’s groups meet for bible study, spiritual education, and fellowship during the week before the workday begins. If you would like to join a group, email Brad Starner to find the gathering that’s right for you. This map shows some of the locations where the groups meet. Let us know if one location is best for you! Just click on any blue pin to see which restaurant a group is using.

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Small Groups for Men:
Mondays, 6am, Edwin Amerman, in Room 106/108 NHP.
Tuesdays, 7:30am, led by Bob White, at Bob Evans on Cypress Lake Dr.
Tuesdays, 7am, led by Ken Hollmann, at Biggie’s on Fowler Dr.
Wednesdays, 7am, led by Jim Mayer, at First Watch on McGregor Blvd.
Wednesdays, 10am, led by Bill Gold & Pat Mehaffe, Room 103
Thursdays, 7am, led by Kent Morse & Mike LaRiviere, at Bob Evans on Cypress Lake Dr.
Thursdays (2nd and 4th), 7am, led by Jerry Elliott, at First Watch on McGregor Blvd.

Mens Fraternity

33-a man and his designBeginning January 14, 2015
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
Room 213
33 – A Man and His Design
Living an authentic Christian life can be almost impossible for a man in today’s world. Participants of this new group will seek the answers to questions like “Who am I?” and “How has God designed me?” We will discover God’s design for authentic manhood through the help of this study and new small group.

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