Juvenile Detention Center Ministry

Volunteers are needed to commit to one Monday a month to go either as a leader or encourager, as we meet with girls of the Southwest Florida Department of Juvenile Justice who may never have another chance to hear the gospel. If this is something that stirs your heart please contact Candy Engelman for information on how to get started. This ministry may require a background check and requires a valid ID to be cleared as a DJJ volunteer. Please email Candy Engelman at candyengel@wavis.net if you would like to participate.

The Juvie Jail ministry has the opportunity to include the boys in its ministry. After reaching out to the girls, we now have leadership for the boys also. We are looking for “a few good men and women” who would be willing to help with this ministry. The times would be Monday evenings from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. There would be no preparation needed, just a heart to share Jesus with these boys. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Candy Engelman at candyengel@wavis.net.