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Hi, families,

It was another wild and crazy day at the safari; no lion! When Lolli Jane lost her keys, she had four friends mucking around in the elephant dung till she found them in her pocket. What a mess!

Closing Program
Friday at 12 noon, please come to sanctuary for the Roar closing program.
  Meet Lolli Jane and Daisy Lou as they lead kids in telling what we learned this week including singing some great songs!

After the program, kids return to their dismissal rooms for pick up. Please be sure to get their crafts, group pictures, and their Roar dog tags from the week.

Hot dogs and ice cream sandwiches will be served on the patio in front of the church.

Today in Bible, we jumped forward many years to learn about Jesus. We heard about sin and how it separates us from God. The weight of sin is a heavy burden to carry.  Yet Jesus took the punishment for our sin on the cross. It was a sad, sad day. Yet…

Jesus broke the bonds of sin and death by rising from the dead! Jesus is alive! God offers us the free gift of grace – the forgiveness for our sin if we put our trust in Jesus. See Romans 10:9 

Today’s Home Connection is to share in simple words how you came to faith in Jesus. You are the most influential person for your child’s faith. The story of God’s goodness in saving you can deeply impact your child to want to know Jesus.

If you are unsure what to say, see this conversation guide for parents. If you have questions and would like to speak to someone, please reach out. We would love to talk with you.


  • Wednesday’s offering for wound care had the girls at $715 leading the boys at $591! The combined total was $1,306.59! Wow! These kids are so determined!


  • VBS Bibles – tomorrow at 9 am is the deadline for visiting families to request a Bible. Fill out this Bible Request form and be sure to check with your child’s guide who will have the Bible in the group basket.


We treasure the time with your kids!

Your VBS Team

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie at 239.274.1230 or debbie@newhopefortmyers.org.


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