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New Hope Presbyterian Church VBS



Hi, families!

Please tell your children how wonderful they are! Roar volunteers are thoroughly enjoying spending time with them.

Today in Bible, the Israelites went through a terrifying period. God sent ten plagues to Egypt to get Pharaoh to release His people from slavery. After the last horrible plague, finally, Pharaoh let the Israelites go. Read the entire thrilling story in Exodus 7:14-12:32. Today’s Bible point is ….

For today’s home connection, just as the Israelites experienced a world that seemed out of control, when we look at what is going on around us, we can feel the same way. While elementary children don’t see the news, they still can be aware of fearful situations – families going through difficult times, health issues, financial uncertainty. It can make us anxious and afraid.

Yet, despite the hard times, God asks us to trust Him and to believe His promise to be with us and meet our needs.

Share with your child a time when you were scared and turned to God for help. Looking back, were you able to see God’s answers? How did seeing God’s help grow your faith for the next scary situation?

At Roar, children are learning to “watch for God.” “God sightings” are seeing God in Scripture, people, circumstances, and the world around us. Learning to see and give thanks to God when we see the daily, overwhelming evidence of His work, helps us grow eyes to see Him more.


  • Monday’s offering for Zimbabwe wound care was $14.05 combined for the boys and girls. Tuesday’s offering jumped higher than a gentle giraffe! But no safari secrets spilled here. Stay tuned as Lolli Jane and Daisy Lou announce it tomorrow! Now where did that gorilla go?


  • One hunter was looking to bag all day bus passes for We Care Outreach. Her pro tip is to call ahead to the Lee Tran office as the passes are kept in the vault. Some public libraries, Publix customer service counters, FSW bookstore, or online may also have them. Call first. Happy hunting!


  • VBS Bibles – New Hope believes every child should have a Bible. If you are a guest and would like a Bible for your child, please fill out this form: Bible Request  We will do our best to have a Bible to your child’s group guide within 24 hours.



  • Music cd’s are available for $5 in the church office. Spotify also has “I’m Trustiing You” – the Roar theme song.

See you tomorrow for another great day at Roar VBS!

The VBS Team


If you have any questions, please contact Debbie at 239.274.1230 or debbie@newhopefortmyers.org.


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