The Weinmans

David & Susan Weinman
Young Life International
Cairn Brae Camp in Scotland

David and Susan are working to help develop a 30 acre property for the first permanent Young Life camp in Europe. They are designing and remodeling new and existing buildings, repairing things, facilitating the running of week long camps for high school and middle school kids throughout the summer, mentoring interns, and helping keep weekly year-round chalet rentals occupied. They are located just outside of Crieff. You can book a chalet for a vacation here.

Young Life wants every kid, everywhere to experience the message of hope in Jesus Christ. Kids in every culture respond to this life-changing message when caring adults are willing to first earn the right to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. ​Camping is a distinctive experience in each of the countries where Young Life is reaching kids. While campers in the United States attend one of Young Life’s camps scattered across America, for most international kids, there is no Young Life facility nearby. This new facility in Scotland will help to provide a place for the many teenagers across Europe who have yet to come into a relationship with Jesus.

At Young Life Camp kids have fun, hang out with friends and listen to leaders who have earned the right to be heard tell them the incredible news that God loves them with a heart as big as the universe. Young Life makes kids around the globe the same promise it makes to kids in the United States: the week you spend at Young Life camp will be the best week of your life.

Cairn Brae has a unique model of camping. They have the opportunity of not only providing an amazing space where Young Life kids and leaders have a chance to build relationships in the summer weeks, but during the school season, the chalets are rented out as self-catering lodges – Loch Monzievaird Chalets. This business and property was so graciously given to Young Life International for the soul purpose of kids coming to know Jesus. They see this as a beautiful relationship and ministry that is one community. Everything they do there, to serve their guests with excellence, is also bearing in mind how they can serve their YL ministries as well. They are able to keep their costs for campers down, as they are able to fill their chalets throughout the year.

They are in the process of upgrading some of thier older lodges, continuing our work around the Loch to keep it beautiful and accessible and are considering improvements on site that benefit all guests alike.

What’s the best thing about Cairn Brae?

1. Hands down, having our YL camps in the summer are the best things ever! To watch this place be used in such a mighty way brings so much thankfulness and joy.

2. It is also a joy to get to know so many of the returning guests who consider this place home. We feel a great responsibility in caring for these guests and showing them the love of Jesus through how we serve them.

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