The Griffiths

church missionariesGriffith, Adam & Kristy (NHP members)

ThailandChiang Mai, Thailand is 99% Buddhist. Each school year, a new group of students (as young as 8 or 9) are sent there to study. Their tribal families want a better life for them, but, unfortunately, most of these youth end up living in youth hostels/homes which feel like orphanages. Graduation rates are low and often the youth get caught up in drugs and/or sex trafficking.

Chiang Mai has more brothels per capita than any other city in the world. It is into this environment that Adam and Kristy have come from our congregation. They work with the local church to minister to these at-risk youth, mentoring and tutoring them, and showing them that the love of Christ is real. Click the arrow to watch a video about their ministry.

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Financial Partner, Prayer Partner, pray for baby Aiden who has Epilepsy

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