Diggins, BJ & Kris

*Wycliffe Bible Translators/JAARS

New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, FloridaNorth Carolina
BJ and Kris Diggins are missionaries with JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Service) in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators and have two boys, Nate and Levi. They served in Brazil for 9 years as a missionary pilot and nurse team in support of Wycliffe’s work. Currently they are on a stateside assignment. BJ is working in the Aviation Training Department of JAARS, providing initial and recurrent flight training for JAARS and other organizations such as AIM AIR (Africa Inland Mission), SAM AIR (South America Mission), Flying Mission Botswana, YAJASI (Indonesian Mission Organization). Kris finished her Doctorate and is currently working as a nurse practitioner, while working with non-profit, Good Samaritan Elderly Healthcare to help properly meet the needs of the elderly and their caregivers in the communities around them.

Ways to Partner:
Financial Partner, Come to JAARS Training Facility in Waxhaw, NC and do a work trip prepping runways

To Partner Contact: BJ Diggins at BJ_Diggins@wycliffe.org