The Hard Sayings of Jesus – Summer Sermon Series

Have you ever read the Bible and come across passages which just did not seem to make sense? They may be complicated concepts or even thoughts which (in our minds) seem to contradict other teachings in Scripture. Even more difficult is when Jesus seems to teach things which appear to be “non-Biblical” or even just not “Christian.”

In order to help answer some of these questions, Pastor Stu will be teaching a new sermon series during July called, “The Hard Sayings of Jesus.” He will deal with Jesus comments in the gospels about the unforgivable sin, hell, and marriage/divorce. In each case, Jesus’ words seem to contradict or challenge our thinking. As we know, Jesus is the Master teacher and His truth is always true and His grace is greater than all of our sins! So, we encourage you to sit back, examine the Scriptures, and consider these “Hard Sayings of Jesus.”