The New Campus

Opening Events:
Our last day at the McGregor campus is July 10. We will have one service at 10am followed by a caravan to the new building. Nursery, children, and students will meet at our McGregor campus.

Regular worship services at the new church building begin on July 17 at 9:30 and 11am. Nursery, children, student, and adult Sunday morning classes will be offered. Then, everyone will together caravan to the new campus.

Dedication Sunday is August 14 as we thank God for his blessings and provision of this new place for ministry.

  • Traditional worship at 9:30am
  • Dedication 10:30am
  • Contemporary worship 11am

Grand Opening Sunday is August 21. Our community, neighbors, and friends will be invited to share this special day at New Hope with services at 9:30 and 11am.

new church property
Click map for directions.

Contact information:

We are located just south of the corner of Colonial Rd. and Plantation Rd. on the east side of Plantation Road. Driving north on Plantation, make right turn into the main entrance or auxiliary road. When driving south on Plantation, make a left turn into the auxiliary road and drive north to the church parking.

Where do I park?
Two paved parking lots are available. The west lot (Plantation Rd. side) provides general parking. The east lot provides limited mobility and young family spaces.

Can I pull up to the building to drop off a family member?
A covered sidewalk drop-off area is located at the east parking lot next to the children’s playground. From this area, it is a short walk to the Sanctuary and Education building.

How big is the building and how much did it cost?
The Sanctuary building is 11,120 sq.ft. (seating for 548 on opening day) while the Education building is 20,200 sq.ft. The estimated completion cost is $7,797,397.00.

Can you tell me about restrooms in the building?
Restrooms are located in both buildings. Men’s and Women’s rooms are available in the “bridge” building at the Sanctuary and also at the center of the hallway in the Education building. Comfort height fixtures have been installed. Four additional family restrooms are available – one in the “bridge” building and 3 in the Education building. Appropriately-sized restrooms are located in the nursery area.

Will we have wifi in the buildings?
Yes, both buildings will be fully wifi accessible.

Where do I get snacks and coffee?
Beverages and snacks will be served in the east side of the Narthex. Adult Sunday morning classes, students, and children will also have beverages and snacks available in their own areas.

What kind of kitchen will we have?
The new kitchen will be fully stocked as a serving kitchen. Prep areas, refrigerators and freezers, and baking ovens will allow us to serve events within both buildings. Communion preparation, beverage service, and other food preparation will easily take place in this large kitchen.

Where will we have receptions and gatherings?
Both large and small groups will be able to meet in various venues across the campus. Our new Sanctuary is designed to become a Fellowship Hall, since the chairs can be moved. Large events with tables and chairs can take place in the Sanctuary. Medium-sized events will take place in the Student Ministries room (which is as large as our current Fellowship Hall). Smaller events can be held in either the large group Children’s Ministry room or in one of our larger adult classrooms. In addition, light receptions can take place in the Narthex, in the Memorial Garden, or on the Lawn at the entrance to our Sanctuary.

Is there a library?
At present, a library space has not been designated.

What is going to happen to the cross at the front of our sanctuary?
In June, the cross at the front of our current sanctuary will be removed and relocated to the new campus. A specially prepared niche located between the Sanctuary and Education buildings has been created to house the cross. The cross is sealed with a powder coating protecting it from wear. For the first time, the cross will be within reach of everyone in our congregation.

When I visit the office during business hours, will I still need to “buzz in?”
Office hours will continue to be Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5pm and Friday 8:30am-3pm. The office will be open during regular business hours and there is no need to “buzz.”

Will the Brazilian Assembly of God congregation be coming along with us?
For the last eight (8) years, we have rented the McGregor campus from the Brazilian Assembly of God denominational office. At the end of our lease, they will again have full access to the McGregor building. The current congregation meeting here will continue to meet here as a missionary congregation of the Assembly of God denomination.

Where are we holding VBS this year?
Vacation Bible School takes place at the McGregor campus on June 13-17.

More Questions? Please email Brad Starner at brad@newhopefortmyers.org