Nursery Guidelines


It is our desire to give young children the very best of care. Our goal is that your child’s first
experiences of the church be positive ones. Therefore, we ask your cooperation in observing our
policies for the welfare of all concerned.

  1. Nursery Registration Form must be completed for each child, so that we have the
    necessary information regarding your child’s needs. At minimum you must provide your cell
    number so you may be reached in event of an emergency.
  2. Child care is provided for various church functions. You are expected to attend the church
    function if you bring your child to Little Sprouts. Children must be picked up within 15 minutes
    after an event is over.
  3. If your child has any symptoms of illness, please do not bring him/her to the nursery. If your
    child becomes sick while in the nursery, you will be called and asked to pick him/her up. Your
    considerations for others will mean less illness for all of our children. Please keep your child
    home if you observe any of the following symptoms: excessive or colored nasal discharge,
    congestion, fever, rash, chills, lethargy, vomiting, pale or flushed skin, red or sore throat,
    coughing, diarrhea, watery or red eyes.
  4. Please label all of your child’s possessions – diaper bags, cups, bottles, pacifiers, toys, etc.
  5. Parents are to furnish their children’s disposable diapers, infant formulas, milk, and juice.
  6. If your child has food sensitivities or allergies, please notify caregivers at drop off.
  7. If your child is in the process of potty training, please provide a change of clothing including
    socks and shoes, in a zip-lock bag with your child’s name on the bag. We have provided
    stickers to alert staff of those children who are “In Training”.
  8. Please have all open sores covered with band-aids or gauze.
  9. Gum is not permitted in the nursery.
  10. Any child can have a bad day.  At any time, if the caregivers are unable to correct your child
    with verbal messages, then a caregiver will contact you.  If a child is seriously upset for 10-
    15 minutes and cannot be soothed you will be contacted and asked to help calm the child
    and try again.  It may take more time for some children to adjust to the separation.

Sickness Policy

The New Hope Sickness Policy protects children and staff who are well. If your child has any of the
following symptoms, please keep them home so that they can get adequate rest. This is also
imperative to their good health and a faster recovery.

  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Yellow/Green Mucus Drainage
  • Excessive Clear Mucus Drainage
  • Unexplained Rash

These symptoms must not be present for 24 hours, without the use of medicine, before bringing
them to the nursery.

We will do our very best to keep your child healthy while they are with us. We take great care to
ensure a germ free as possible environment.

If any of these symptoms occur while in our care, we will notify you at once. Thank you for your

Questions? Please email Pam Poland.