Sunday Programs for Kids


Families are not one-size fits all. Neither is New Hope’s Sunday morning experience! We pray your worship and Bible learning experience is meaningful for the entire family. Here are some different options to consider….

For families who attend traditional worship 
At 8am, families worship together in the sanctuary. At 9:30am, children are welcome to attend X-Factor. For parents who want to attend an adult class at 11am, children can attend Remix.*

For families who attend contemporary worship
At 11am, families worship together for the first 20 minutes, then children are invited to attend Remix. For parents who want to attend an adult class at 9:30am, children can attend X-Factor.*

*X-Factor and Remix are different learning experiences to encourage families to participate in two hours of worship and classes.
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Sundays, 9:15-10:30 am (Rooms 212, 213, 214, by grade)
What is an X-Factor? The dictionary calls it a “certain indefinable quality or a hard-to-describe influence or quality.” For Christians, we pray that indefinable quality is Jesus as we seek to follow Him and be shaped by Him.

Each month at X-Factor, we focus on a specific character quality of God, a virtue that God is growing in us to change the world around us. Large group time with storytelling and worship combine with small group relationships to help children discover how God’s Word is meaningful in their lives. Each child becomes part of a small group with a caring leader and friends of the same age. Commitment to their small group provides friends who will encourage them to grow in their faith and an adult who guides them. The elementary school years are a valuable time when kids develop the beliefs that stay with them the rest of their lives.

By the time kids finish fifth grade, we want them to have a foundation of Bible knowledge plus three core truths embedded in their heart: I can trust God no matter what, I need to make the wise choice, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Check out our curriculum.
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Sundays, 11:20 am
Families attend worship together until children are dismissed to attend class. If it is your child’s first time, please come with them to register them at the children’s welcome desk. Snacks are served since for many, this is their second hour. Gluten free snacks are available.

K-3rd grade (room 213) – Bible stories from the life of Jesus. Children are building a strong foundation of Bible learning. After our story, children write cards to minister to others who are sick, bereaved, or to encourage New Hope’s college students.

4th-5th grade (room 215) – Torchlighters Series – older students are learning about ordinary people who gave their lives to follow Jesus.
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One thing we know is that learning doesn’t have to stop when kids leave church – in fact, we hope it won’t! While our staff may have about 40 hours a year with the average child, the average parent has 3,000 hours a year with their child – valuable time when you can continue to shape their everyday faith. We have tools to help. Parent Cues are available with each week’s scripture, bottom line, and a discussion starter for your family. They are available in free monthly packs along with a virtue poster. Virtue packs are available at the welcome table in the children’s lobby. Sign up for the monthly World Changers enews here.

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