church confirmation
At New Hope Presbyterian Church, we are committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ. For children and teens, confirmation can be a significant part of that journey. For students who have accepted or are ready to accept Jesus as their Savior, confirmation provides theological instruction to prepare them to profess their faith in Jesus and live as a disciple.

Since students come to trust in Jesus at different ages, New Hope offers confirmation for 4th & 5th grade or for middle/high school students. This allows new believers an opportunity to learn about core beliefs of the faith as close as possible to the time they become a Christian.

As parents, you are the one we depend to determine when your child is ready to profess faith in Jesus. Often a child will begin to ask questions or make comments which indicate God’s activity in his life. Children, even those in the same family, can be very different in their readiness. Please feel free to talk to a staff member about help in discerning your child’s readiness.

Elementary confirmation classes meet weekly from early December through end of April excluding school holidays. Enrollment is open in November. There is no charge for confirmation.

Contact Debbie or phone 239.274.1230 for information regarding 4th/5th grade confirmation or Jordan Bates at in Student Ministries about middle and high school confirmation.