***2020 Camp KidJam has been cancelled

due to the Covid-19 pandemic***

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Norris at

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Camp Kid Jam FAQ

Who can attend Camp Kid Jam?
CKJ is for kids who have completed 2nd-5th grade. It is for New Hope members and regular attenders only because it is an important investment the church makes to invest in our kids. Ten New Hope adults and 42 children are subsidized to attend.


Who are the New Hope adult leaders attending?
CKJ is a strategic part of our ministry of making disciples. New Hope adults are trained, screened leaders who serve regularly in ministry, giving them experience and knowledge of our kids. CKJ allows focused time for relationships to deepen so small group leaders can be another voice speaking into kids’ lives.


Where is Camp Kid Jam? What is the transportation?
The Florida CKJ is at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL, about 2 hours away. SEU is a small Christian college with a beautiful campus. Transportation to and from CKJ is not provided. This saves substantial cost, and most importantly, gives families an opportunity to see where your child is staying. Families help each other with carpooling. A carpool list will be available to help connect kids with rides. (Pro tip: Some families take advantage of the three nights to visit Orlando or Tampa while kids are at camp).


What are the sleeping arrangements?
Boys and girls stay in separate buildings on opposite sides of campus. There are two types of dorm room arrangements: two room suites (4 bunks with connecting bath) and four room suites (8 bunks with a living area and group bathroom). Rooms are assigned by the CKJ directors. Campers find out their roommates upon arrival. Adult leaders’ rooms are interspersed among the campers for supervision and guidance, especially for younger campers. Males are not allowed in girl dorms and vice versa.

What do kids eat?
SEU provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the full days in their cafeteria. Lunch/dinner selections include choice of one or two entrees, a salad bar, or hamburger/hot dog or pizza. All meals are included in the registration. Kids also get a snack during small group time, plus they can bring healthy snacks.


How do I know if my first timer is ready?
Here are some considerations:
Will your child stay with the group?
Are they able to handle loud music at the Jam sessions? (ear plugs are available).
Are they able to focus on the Bible messages in large group and small group?
Can they handle the long day, often from 7am-10pm. (Many kids are able to handle for this short amount of time, even if it is a lot less sleep than what they are used to.)
Have they spent the night away from parents before? Most minor adjustment issues we can help them overcome if children are willing and flexible.

What if my child gets homesick?
Most children enjoy the fun, active schedule so homesickness is not a problem. Occasionally a child misses a parent in the evening and asks to call home. In our experience, offering to let them call home after breakfast the next day helps. If they still want to call, they are rested and looking forward to an exciting day ahead. Experiencing homesickness and learning to get through it is the best antidote to dealing with homesickness later in life.


What if I get homesick (or want contact with my child)?
New Hope leaders do a good job updating a private Facebook group for parents to see the fun your child is having. Because of our responsibilities for the children, please do not ask leaders for updates about your child. In case of an emergency, first contact Debbie Norris, children’s director. If she cannot be reached, contact one of the New Hope leaders, not CKJ or the college.


What if my child gets sick?
Each child is required to have health forms to come to CKJ. New Hope brings first aid kits for boys and girls for simple bug bites, skinned knees, etc. We are fortunate to have two leaders with medical training: Anita Zegers is a RN and Phil Kraver is a dentist. CKJ has a First Aid kit in the Camp office. If a child runs a fever or is ill, they are unable to be at camp until they are well.


New Hope campers are not allowed to walk around campus without an adult. They are either with New Hope adults or Camp staff in breakouts.