Session and Elders

The Session at New Hope Presbyterian Church EPC is comprised of the elders and pastors. It is responsible for the mission and government of the church, accomplishing its assigned tasks mainly through ministry councils. These councils, which represent the various program areas, meet monthly to design and implement the ministries of the church. Meetings are open to all interested parties, and councils welcome those wishing to serve. Session meetings are held on the church campus in Fort Myers. Questions? Email Brad Starner: or phone 239.274.1230. Want to learn more about the Evangelical Presbyterian Church? Click HERE.


Class of 2020

Paul Amazeen
David Carpenter
Bill Enslen
Art Hunkins
Pat Mehaffie
Signe Pagel

Class of 2021

Bill Ashton
Steve Boutelle
Al Frees
Randy Hincks
Jeannie Martin
Alice Stanley

Class of 2022

Steve Boutelle
Sheldon Church
Jackie Elliott
Sean Ellis
Jerry Franz
Ken Seim

Clerk of Session: Art Hunkins
Treasurer: Chuck Knox