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This year, we are studying Couples of the Old Testament by Dale and Sandy Larsen. Why were we created? For God’s pleasure and to have a loving relationship with Him. And how can we possibly understand what a loving relationship is? God has provided marriage and family for us to experience deep closeness and unconditional love. In our fallen state, none of us can realize the fullness of a perfect relationship, but we can learn through studying His Word, the Bible, that God’s love is unfailing and we are being prepared to become the Bride of Christ.

Monthly Circle Meetings
September through May at church

Leader Ann Newton, 239.768.3356
Second Tuesday, 10am in Room 208

Leaders Roxanne Spencer, 239.560.2735 and Jackie Elliott, 239.267.6733
Second Tuesday, 9:30am in Room 207

Leaders Leaders Claudia Griffin, 239.691.3089 and KC Grosse, 239.418.1243
Second Tuesday, 9:30am in Rooms 209 and 211

Leader Jean Willwerth, 239.848.6680
Third Thursday, 10am in Room 209


All women and visitors who attend New Hope Presbyterian Church are invited to take part in the Circle gatherings. We meet in small groups once a month to study the Bible together, pray together, laugh together and make lasting friendships that strengthen and enrich our lives in Christ. If you would like to visit or join a Circle, please register online below:

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