Adopt a Missionary

New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, FloridaThink about our world missionaries for a moment. Most of them live in a place where English is not spoken; where strange clothes are worn and odd customs are practiced. Sometimes there isn’t another American for many miles. In some places, just being a Christian puts their lives in danger. Mission work is not just hard, but often harsh. Getting a quarterly check from a church is a blessing. But they need more than money. They need real support, the kind that each of us can give: prayers, letters, care packages, etc.

New Hope’s World Missions Council is asking all of our small groups to adopt a world or national missionary. This “adoption” is not intended for financial support — in fact, financial support is discouraged. This is all about building connections and community between New Hope and our missionary partners. The WMC is asking our small groups to write letters of encouragement, pray consistently and often, send small care packages, and find other ways to build connections with our missionaries. We want them to know they are not alone, that we are truly partnering with them in their ministry.

Please contact Elizabeth Daniel, Director of Mission and Equipping (239.274.1230 or by email) to adopt a world missionary. She will then “assign” a missionary to each group. This assignment is necessary to ensure that each missionary has at least one NHP small group. She will try to honor any specific request, if made, for a specific missionary, but cannot guarantee it. Besides, adopting a missionary who may be unknown to the group could be the beginning of a magnificent journey for both the group and the missionary.

Our world missionaries are:

  • Bud and Ruth (identity sensitive for website listing)
  • The Diggins Family -BJ and Kris  (Wycliffe Bible Translators/JAARS, North Carolina)
  • ECHO (Interns, North Fort Myers)
  • The Edwards Family -Lance and Elizabeth (NMSI, Zimbabwe, Africa)
  • The Griffith Family -Adam and Kristy  (NMSI, Chiang Mai, Thailand)
  • The Holsten Family -David and Natalie (MAF, Papua, Indonesia)
  • The Horrocks Family -Mark and Mylissa (Habitat for Humanity, Memphis, TN)
  • The Lascelles Family -Chris and Debbie (Mercyworks, YWAM-Tyler)
  • The Morillo Family -David and Marta (Good Samaritan Orphanage, Dominican Republic)
  • The Weinman Family -David and Susan (Black Forest Academy, Kandern, Germany)
  • J and F (identity sensitive for website listing)
  • The Zoeller Family -Stephen and Stephanie (Kids Racing for Life, Southeast USA)

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