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As a Christian church, we consider it a privilege to partner with people around the world as they do God’s work. Please take some time to read about our friends and partners and their ministries.
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New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, FloridaECHO, Incorporated

*Echo Interns

Lee County and the world
ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organizations) a non-profit, inter-denominational, Christian organization located in North Fort Myers, is dedicated to providing agricultural solutions around the world. New Hope gives scholarship money for interns and volunteers at their annual conference. The interns then go to various parts of the world to help impoverished communities learn how to be self-sustaining through agriculture. ECHO exists to equip people with agricultural resources and skills to reduce hunger and improve the lives of the poor.  ECHO’s vision is to honor God through sustainable hunger solutions. Email a message.

New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, FloridaEdwards, Lance & Elizabeth



Lance and Elizabeth are NMSI’s Regional Directors for Southern Africa and are continuing their work in Zimbabwe through a variety of ways. Lance’s expertise and experience benefits many ministries as he consults with other missionaries in Africa who are interested in developing agricultural project(s). Lance also assists local ministries, one of which is Precious Life, in planning and building agricultural structures and gardens. In addition, Lance and Elizabeth are participating in a new church plant in Zimbabwe. Elizabeth has enhanced her garden and raises funds through the sale of the fruits of that garden. As a result, many people have visited their property so that it feels more like a teaching and demonstration farm. Email a message.

Kevin and Andrea Erwin for New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, Florida

Erwin, Kevin & Andrea

Faith Partners International

Dominican Republic

Faith Partners International’s mission is to provide a conduit to connect people of faith, those who have needs with those seeking opportunities to engage in outreach and mission work.  They specifically (1) support the Good Samaritan Orphanage, (2) network with dozens of local pastors in the Dominican Republic, (3) work closely with many churches in the DR, including New Hope’s four supported churches, and (4) serve as liaison with our new sister church, Asemblea de Dios en Central.

For the Good Samaritan Orphanage, Faith Partners works with Pastors Rafael Calderon (in the DR) and Ariel Calderon (27th Street Revival Center in Camden, New Jersey) to care for about 40 children, ages 3 to 19. The orphanage is located in the small town of Vallejuelo. With the support of many friends at New Hope and the NJ church, we have made major improvements. For the future, the Erwins look to provide more stable funding for the Good Samaritan Orphanage’s managers, David and Marta Morillo, to upgrade the facility and to create opportunities for further education.  Email a message.

New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, Florida

Griffith, Adam & Kristy


Chiang Mai, Thailand is 99% Buddhist. Each school year, a new group of students (as young as 8 or 9) are sent there to study. Their tribal families want a better life for them, but, unfortunately, most of these youth end up living in youth hostels/homes which feel like orphanages. Graduation rates are low and often the youth get caught up in drugs and/or sex trafficking. Chiang Mai has more brothels per capita than any other city in the world. It is into this environment that Adam and Kristy have come from our congregation. They work with the local church to minister to these at-risk youth, mentoring and tutoring them, and showing them that the love of Christ is real. Email Adam or Kristy.


Holsten familyHolsten, David & Natalie

*Mission Aviation Fellowship

Papua, Indonesia
David & Natalie have been serving with MAF in Indonesia since 2001. David is a pilot/mechanic, but he’s now Regional Director for MAF’s operations in Indonesia. That means he oversees the “big picture” of MAF within the country, as well as reports back to our home office in Idaho. He also interfaces with government officials on many levels. He is still getting to fly about once a week. They enjoy a unique opportunity to be “salt and light” there in the world’s largest Muslim nation. Pray they continue to be faithful witnesses to their friends and neighbors there, and that they can encourage and build up the Indonesian church. Email a message.

Identities Sensitive
“Group 1”

*Jesus Oasis–Springmakers, NMSI

Central Asia
Group 1 provides discipleship to professors and students in agricultural universities. Many people in Central Asian countries feel hopeless in the face of political transition, repression, joblessness, corruption among the powerful few, degraded environments and broken-down education systems. This is especially true among the 50% of the population employed in agriculture. Their work includes working with these people to improve the environment, while sharing Christ along the way.

Identities Sensitive
“Group 2”

*EPC World Outreach

Mekelle, Ethiopia
Group 3 ministers to the youth of Mekelle, helping them find wholeness in their lives by investing in them holistically and encouraging them toward faithful living.

Identities Sensitive
“Group 3”

*EPC World Outreach

South Asia
These missionaries are in a very sensitive area in South Asia where planting Christian churches can be a dangerous activity. In addition to church plants, they are involved with building relationships with a wide variety of people in the city where they live. They are able to help the people in their communities to be more economically self-sustainable through their ministry. Prayer is greatly needed for their work and for transformation of the lives of the people there.

New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, FloridaWeinman, David & Susan

*TeachBeyond, Black Forest Academy

David and Susan Weinman returned from the Black Forrest Academy in Kandern, Germany in the spring of 2015. The school, founded in 1956, serves over 300 students, the majority being children of international Christian workers serving in over 50 countries.  Most students have spent most of their lives overseas, so as boarding students they get least a few years of an “American School” experience before they head off to colleges around the world. The Weinmans served at the school since 2012, and David continues as an architect consultant for a large expansion and remodeling project at the school. While still members of New Hope, the Weinmans are currently residing in Tucson, Arizona to be close to extended family while in pursuit of next callings in ministry. Email David or Susan.


World Partners are part of the Missions Ministry at New Hope Presbyterian Church in Fort Myers, FL.


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