Serving the Kingdom of God

The mission field is not limited to other countries; it is right here in the Fort Myers community! Members of New Hope have made a tremendous impact—not only through their financial contributions, but also through their involvement in service to our community and to the world beyond. New Hope helps support over ten Christ-centered service agencies in our local area and more than fifteen missionaries throughout the world.

New Hope Presbyterian is an active and service oriented congregation. We are committed to serving the Kingdom of God on earth. Check out the missionaries we support, both in the Fort Myers area and around the world. If you are looking for a way to serve within our church, in our community, or around the world, fill out the ministry opportunities form!

Heart-warming stories from our mission partners are posted on the “Missions Bulletin Board” in the back lobby. These stories represent the reasons why we partner with missionaries, both globally, locally, and nationally. The board is updated regularly.

Questions? Please email Pastor Stu Austin.