Deacon Ministry Teams

The Deacon ministry teams may change from time to time based upon the needs of our New Hope community. Our current ministry teams are listed below. Inquiries can be placed by emailing Pastor Stu Austin or phoning him at the church office: 239.274.1230. A list of our current Board of Deacons is available HERE.


Purpose: Coordinate Lee Memorial Bloodmobile visit to New Hope Presbyterian Church every eight weeks. Manage sign ups from our church family. Upcoming dates are available HERE.
Contacts: Kathy Orkowski & Doug Keno


Purpose: The Deacons utilize the Sunday bulletin, a Deacons’ Ministries brochure, the sanctuary’s media screen, and the New Hope website to communicate our Christian ministries of compassion and service.
Contacts: Clara Ann Foucht

Homebound Visitation

Purpose: Our Deacons maintain telephone contact with people in our church who are in difficult circumstances and could use words and prayers of encouragement. We serve people who are not able to leave their home through visits, prayer, phone calls, and cards. A Deacon accompanies and assists a church Elder to serve communion to people who are homebound.
Contacts: Norma Schuler, Marion Hogg, Bill Ashton, Dale Hart,  Jon Orr, Clara Ann Foucht, Pam Zapf


Purpose: We have a friendship and sympathy card ministry to recognize members of the New Hope family.
Contacts: Meg LaRue, Sue Bova

Celebration of Life

Purpose: We provide comfort to the family of the deceased and assist with their needs during the funeral/memorial service.
Contacts: Candy Engelman, Meg LaRue, Nell Stephens


Purpose: We provide light beverages and snacks for a variety of New Hope family functions.
Contacts: Judy Clarke, Doug Keno, Candy Engelman, Marion Hogg, Sue Bova, Lou Sand, Pam Zapf, Clara Ann Foucht

Meals to Bless

Purpose: We coordinate meals for members who have been recently released from the hospital, are shut-ins, have been ill or home with a new baby. We also coordinate a limited menu of food service options for receptions following a funeral/memorial service at New Hope Presbyterian Church.
Contacts: Judy Clarke, Gina Henderson
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Relocation Assistance

Purpose: Downsizing or relocating within the Fort Myers area? Deacon volunteers will help our church family members move small items with two or three weeks notice.
Contact: Pastor Stu Austin

Wheels to Bless

Purpose: We coordinate transportation to church, medical offices, etc. for members who cannot drive, using a pool of volunteers from our New Hope family.
Contacts: Mike LaRiviere, Allen Frees, Doug Keno, Candy Engelman
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Purpose: Description pending review.
Contacts: Pam Zapf, Karen Jalving