Giving to the Ministry of New Hope Presbyterian

New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, Florida

Unlike other organizations, New Hope Church does not exist to just “do good” in the world. Instead, New Hope’s mission is to change the world through Jesus’ love and life, one life at a time. New Hope serves people who are poor and rich, younger and older, next door and around the world. We are a people who are called by God to do great things in this world. By giving to New Hope, you become part of this calling of Jesus to share the gospel, build up the church, and make a difference, one life at a time. Thank you for your gift.

Ways to Give

1. U.S. Mail with a personal check: Please make your check payable to “New Hope Presbyterian  Church.”

New Hope Presbyterian Church
3825 McGregor Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33901

2. On-Line: We accept credit, debit, and automatic withdrawl from a checking or savings.
Visa, MasterCard, or Discover (American Express is not accepted at this time).

  • Recurring Gifts:  Set it and Forget it
    Create a personal on-line account through our secure server. Regular donations can be scheduled at various intervals where you have control of the amount given and for how long. Recurring giving is easy to arrange at the link below. In addition, on-line account holders have access to a full year of giving information to the ministry at New Hope.
  • One-Time and Special Gifts
    One-time gifts or special gifts can be given by anyone through the Donation link. Enter your basic information along with the gift amount and method of payment. This non-recurring method of giving is preferred by those who do not make a regular amount contribution on a set schedule.          

3. Non-Cash Gifts
Stocks, bonds, annuities, IRA distributions, and other property/securities are accepted by New Hope Church. If you would like to donate through non-cash methods, please email or phone (239.274.1230) the church office for additional instructions.

Click the appropriate donation button below.

Where do all the donations go? Click here to see the 2014 New Hope budget.

Download a copy of our Legacy Giving brochure HERE.