Gabriel House

Special Needs Care

Ed & Annie Ravish

Gabriel House Ed Anne Ravish for New Hope Presbyterian Church (EPC) Fort Myers, FloridaGabriel House rescues children who have been abandoned and are in need of medical treatment, and works to rehabilitate and help them reach their highest level of independence and functioning. They provide a loving compassionate Christian environment. The healing power of love flowing freely to little children, coupled with the necessary medical treatment, has been close to miraculous. Over the past thirty years, over 300 children have been rescued, medically treated and adopted across the United States. The healing, however, does not stop after medical treatment. The children take with them into their adoptive families a very powerful source of love. To volunteer, email Annie Ravish:

Ways to Volunteer: Ed, at 84 years of age, continues the administrative work and is open to a helping hand with maintenance. Annie would love help with meals and grocery shopping. All meals need to be free of mushrooms and white starches (like white flour and white rice). Also need to be lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat.

Donations of Goods: Healthy Groceries, new or gently used children’s clothes, household supplies and cleaners. Financial Donations are always welcome as well.