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Identities Sensitive
“Group 1”


Central Asia
Many people in nominally Muslim Central Asian countries feel hopeless in the face of an education which does not prepare students for jobs, underemployment, corruption and control by the powerful few, degraded environments and political repression. They worry about the spread of Islamic fundamentalism from Afghanistan which touches one of their borders. Group 1 focuses on personal evangelism and discipleship for Christ amongst educated folks who work or study in the agricultural production, processing or agribusiness fields. Contacts occur through day to day classes in English / Professional Development, internationally funded consultancies as well as vegetable, fruit and nut Demo Gardens in agricultural universities or at our autonomous training center / hostel.

If you have passion / experience in agriculture, business or education, want to see how God might use you – whether in your home country or in Central Asia, and / or will faithfully pray, please contact us: If you would like to donate to our ministry, please go to:

Identities Sensitive
“Group 2”

*EPC World Outreach

Mekelle, Ethiopia
Group 3 ministers to the youth of Mekelle, helping them find wholeness in their lives by investing in them holistically and encouraging them toward faithful living.

Identities Sensitive
“Group 3”

*EPC World Outreach

South Asia
These missionaries are in a very sensitive area in South Asia where planting Christian churches can be a dangerous activity. In addition to church plants, they are involved with building relationships with a wide variety of people in the city where they live. They are able to help the people in their communities to be more economically self-sustainable through their ministry. Prayer is greatly needed for their work and for transformation of the lives of the people there.

Identities Sensitive
“Group 4”


This Family is in the in Middle East teaching at a local school and working with Syrian refugees. Pray that they will understand the new culture and language so they can assimilate and find opportunities to introduce Jesus to their new friends.