Student Confirmation Info

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Confirmation is an important step in the faith journey of a young person, as well as one of the most exciting moments in the church. It is a time for young men and women to recognize and affirm the baptism they received as children and to take personal responsibility for living out the promises their parents made. We look forward to hearing our students make their faith personal through public profession before God and the church family. We are committed to making this process a fun, engaging and spiritually rewarding experience. In addition to our student ministry staff, New Hope’s pastors and elders will offer training and instruction on the essentials of Christianity. We will have honest and open discussions about our faith. At the end of confirmation, the students will be better informed about the values of our church, have expressed their own beliefs in a personal statement, and be prepared to publicly profess their faith and become members of New Hope.

Homework: Each week, students will be asked to read and reflect on 4-6 chapters of the Book of Mark. Also, each student will be required to complete their faith story to read before the Session.

The Retreat: We will have a retreat day for the Confirmation students. On this retreat we will cover any topics not covered in the 4 classes and work on each of their personal faith stories.

Topics Covered: The Word of God, God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, Salvation, the Sacraments, the Church, Personal Faith Story, the Book of Mark

Faith Story: Each student will be asked to reflect and write their faith story. This will include how they came to faith, how they are growing in their faith, why they want to join the church, and what they believe. This will be turned in and then read before the Session (the Elders and Pastors) and families.