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J.O.Y. -Jesus, Others, Yourself
The JOY class has just completed a study of Jeremiah as they march from the beginning of the Bible to the end (Revelations). On May 1 they will begin a short 8 week study on world religions. The class will study where these faiths began and why, as well as their beliefs. They will take an in depth look at Christianity as well and examine various cults in the U.S. They will discuss why it is imperative to be on guard against false teachings. Everyone is welcome to join this study.
Demographics: Intergenerational
(Room 208)
Questions? Email Ruth or phone 239.561.2325.

This class examines the Bible, theological issues, and other topics related to daily Christian living. They are currently studying the Book of Romans. This class will meet at 8am beginning Sunday, May 29 and continuing through September 25.
Demographics: Intergenerational
(Room 207)
Questions? Email Duane Higgins.


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9:30 am


Next Season 
This class has concluded for the Summer and will resume in the Fall. Thank you for your interest.
Demographics: Between 40 -65 yo
For more information, email Beth Schultz.

Hope in the Word
A book-by-book study of the Scriptures along with some major themes. They are now studying the Old Testament book of Judges.
Demographics: Intergenerational
(Room 207)
Questions? Email Beth Hoving.

Parent Network
May 15- June 19 – We will be working through Francis Chan’s book, “Forgotten God.”
If you would like information on the class or social events, please email Jackie Elliott or phone 239.849.3128.
Demographics: Parents with school age children through the college years.
(Room 206)

Parents with Teens 
This class has concluded for the Summer and will resume in the Fall. Thank you for your interest.
Questions? Contact Amber Mondell.

WOW -Women of Worth
“Let It Go…How to Stop Running the Show and Start Walking in Faith.” God called. He’d like His job back. In this humorous, yet thought provoking video based study, Karen Ehman guides you to discover for yourself the freedom and reward of an “out of control” life. Armed with relevant biblical and current examples, new thought patterns, and practical tool to implement; Let.It.Go. will lead you out of the land of over-control into a place of quiet trust. On Sunday July 24, we will begin a new DVD study: “FIGHT BACK WITH JOY.” Margaret Feinberg “shows how joy is more than whimsy; it’s the weaponry you can use to fight life’s greatest battles.” Sessions include: *Secrets of Joyful People, *The Hidden Treasure of Joy, *Poke Holes in the Darkness, *The Holy Mess of Joy and *What To Do When Those You Love Are Hurting. WOW would love to have you join us as we explore how to celebrate all we have “in Christ”…how to regret less…how we can stare down our greatest fears…all while becoming more joy-filled women of God.
Demographics: Women
Teacher: Debi Campbell 239.464.9224
(Room 210)


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The Bereans study, meditate, and apply the Scriptures to their lives. This class typically works through a book of the Bible. But from time to time, also covers theology and areas of Christian discipleship. The Bereans are currently studying “Man Overboard” (story of Jonah), by Sinclair Ferguson
“Name Above All names” (starting April 24)
Demographics: Intergenerational
(Room 206)
Questions? Email Duane Higgins.

Seasons of Hope
This class has concluded for the Summer and will resume in the Fall. Thank you for your interest.
Demographics: Seasonal residents
Questions? Email Pastor Stu or phone 239.274.1230.

New Life
Deeper study of the Scriptures is the hallmark of this class. They will be exploring First Corinthians in a recent  commentary by a contemporary American, David Guzik.
“The Life of Elijah” (Begins April 3)
Demographics: Intergenerational
(Room 208)
Questions? Email Bill Bliem or phone 239.332.4001.

Living Word
Along with a prayer time, this class discusses the Scriptures in a participatory group setting. They are studying the Gospel of John.
Demographics: Intergenerational
(Room 209)
Questions? Contact Jim LaRue or Bill Enslen.


For Children

Nursery care
Newborn to pre-k   7:45 am – 12:15 pm   Room 101
Nursery Care available during all Sunday Programming! We desire our Worship, Sunday classes and Life Groups be as family friendly as possible so please take advantage of our loving and resourceful nursery staff. For more info, click HERE.

Children: K- 5th
With World Changers, elementary students explore one virtue every month: A virtue is something God does in us to change the world around us. Each virtue gets two different presentations on Sunday mornings. Kids are invited to join us at one time or both!

  • 9:15: X-Factor. Graded small groups with combined Bible story and worship time. (Rooms 212, 213, 214, 216)
  • 11:00: ReMix. K-5th video presentation and small groups. (Room 216)

For Teens

SoulStation: Sundays @9:30am for middle and high school students. This large group program helps teens discover and apply God’s Word. Bring a Bible – and fuel up! (Fellowship Hall B & C)