Session and Elders

The Session at New Hope Presbyterian Church EPC is comprised of the elders and pastors. It is responsible for the mission and government of the church, accomplishing its assigned tasks mainly through ministry councils. These councils, which represent the various program areas, meet monthly to design and implement the ministries of the church. Meetings are open to all interested parties, and councils welcome those wishing to serve. Session meetings are held on the church campus in Fort Myers. Questions? Email Elizabeth Daniel or phone 239.274.1230.

* Public minutes       *2014 Budget

Session Members

Clerk of Session

Paul Pierce

Session Councils

Elders names in bold print

Christian Education

Jeff Campbell, Chair
Edwin Amerman

Pam Poland – Early Childhood Director
Jessica Ruzika
Debbie Norris – Children’s Ministry
Jim Clark – Director of Student Ministry
Krissy Bashor – Asst. Dir. of Student Min.
Terry Bower – Men’s Ministry


Bruce Zylstra, Chair
Gordon Johnson
Scott Connell

Denominational Relations



Gordon Johnson, Chair
Vicki Bower
Phil Fischler

Evangelism / Membership / Fellowship

Chick Engelman, Chair
Pastor Stu Austin
Ann Anderson
Candy Engelman
Ed Frost
Howard Grabow
Claudia Griffin
Dick Grosse
K. C. Grosse
Jan Keno
Doug Keno
Jim Reece
Bill Roeder

Spiritual Care

Marge Lincoln, Chair
Sandy Knipe, Vice-Chair

Local Missions

Joan Frisch
Barbara Ochs
Alex Paulec
Elizabeth Daniel - Dir. of Mission & Equipping
Scott Connell
Paul Pierce

National Missions

Terrie Kielborn
Pam LaRiviere
Norma Schuler
Elizabeth Daniel - Dir. of Mission & Equipping
Jim LaRue

World Missions

Bill Hooth
Sharon Day

JoAnn Fosselman
JC Laird
Jim Mayer
Judy Mayer
Joyce Seckinger
Elizabeth Daniel - Dir. of Mission & Equipping
Bob White


Barbara Gannon, Chair
Duane Higgins
Bill Enslen

Phil Chandler – Traditional Music Director
Sharon Bowman
Barb and Ken Bell
Jim Clark
Laura Edding
Claire Faasse
Claudia Griffin
David Norris


Sean Ellis, Chair
Terry Bower
Tom Flint
Claudia Griffin
Lowell Hamric
Rob Scharlau
Chuck Stewart
Chuck Knox, Treasurer